Multi-drug resistant TB case reported in Indiana

A case of tuberculosis in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has recently proven resistant to multiple treatments.

The Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Department reported that the patient in question, a student, is in isolation and undergoing further treatment. No one associated with the patient has been diagnosed with active TB, though testing continues, according to

"Because we know that some of the individuals being tested are high risk for having a prior TB exposure, we anticipate having some positive skin tests during the first round of testing," Dr. Deborah McMahan, the county health commissioner, said, reports.

Fort Wayne Community Schools recently announced that nearly 150 students were undergoing TB tests after a case of active TB was identified in late December.

"We will need to be careful in how we interpret these results, and it will likely be some time before we know if any of these positive cases are linked to this index case," Dr. McMahan said, according to

A second round of skin tests conducted within six to eight weeks of possible exposure is required to rule out infection, so it is expected to be several months before health officials know for certain whether more individuals will require treatment.

The student attended an all-day program at the Anthis Career Center but rode the bus with students from Wane and Northrop high schools and Ward Education Center.