MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

One active case of TB confirmed at Pennsylvania high school

Only one case of active tuberculosis remains confirmed at a Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, high school after 200 students and staff were tested for the lung infection.

Dr. Stephan Ostroff, Pennsylvania's acting physician general, announced that the preliminary skin tests taken from Chambersburg Area Senior High School students and staff did not distinguish between the active and dormant types of TB, according to

Chest X-rays are being ordered for those who tested positive to the skin tests. The Pennsylvania Department of Health refused to release the number of chest X-rays that were ordered, citing privacy laws, including the Pennsylvania Disease Control and Prevention Law.

"Other than the one instance that started all the concerns at the school, I'm not aware of any other cases of active tuberculosis that have been identified in the school or in contacts of the school," Ostroff said, reports.

Ostroff said that the majority of those with the dormant version of the illness will never develop the active form, though it is possible. The dormant precursor has no symptoms and can be treated effectively with medications if caught early.

The physician general said that a TB investigation needs to be conducted methodically and systematically, a process that takes a significant amount of time.

"It's a slow-moving infection in contrast to what we usually deal with, such as a measles case," Ostroff said, according to