Disgraced autism-vaccine linker Wakefield sues British Medical Journal

Andrew Wakefield, the British doctor who incorrectly linked vaccines to autism, has filed a defamation suit in Texas against the British Medical Journal, its editor and its owner.
Wakefield, who lost his medical license in the United Kingdom in 2010, is fighting a January 5, 2011 journal article written by investigative journalist Brian Deer and an accompanying editorial by editor Fiona Godlee that called research Wakefield performed on a novel bowel disease and autism fraudulent, News Medical reports.
“The defamatory statements were and are false and written and published with actual malice and intended to cause damage to Dr. Wakefield's reputation and to permanently impair his reputation and livelihood,” the suit said, according to News Medical.
Deer wrote the article, "Secrets of the MMR Scare: How the Case Against the MMR Vaccine Was Fixed," detailing how Wakefield doctored his research to fit his theory, was out to make money and behaved dishonestly. Wakefield suggested a link between a new kind of autism-bowel disease and the childhood measles, mumps and rubella vaccine in a 1998 paper that appeared in the Lancet. The paper was ultimately retracted by the editors 12 years later.
“While we await formal service, unsurprisingly the BMJ and Mr. Deer stand by the material published in the BMJ and their other statements and confirm that they have instructed lawyers to defend the claim vigorously," a statement from the journal said, according to News Medical.
Wakefield has denied the claims of Deer's article and he has continued to stand behind the Lancet paper even when it was disavowed by his co-authors. The General Medical Council revoked Wakefield's license in 2010, stating that he was guilty of serious professional misconduct and was irresponsible and dishonest in his 1998 research.

Wakefield lives in Austin and founded an autism center, now called the Johnson Center for Child Health and Development. He resigned from the facility in 2010.