Florida county lifts mosquito-borne disease alert

Public health officials in Palm Beach County, Florida, recently lifted a mosquito-borne disease alert that had been in effect since October.

Reports of dengue fever and West Nile virus prompted the issuance of the alert. Palm Beach County Health Department Director Alina Alonso said that because no additional cases of the illnesses have been confirmed, the alert could be lifted, according to

Initially, two people were diagnosed with dengue fever that had been acquired locally. They were the county’s first cases of dengue fever since the 1930s.

In early December, a woman was confirmed to have acquired West Nile virus. The infection was considered severe, but she recovered. The infection was the first locally-acquired case of West Nile virus in the county in five years.

Both dengue fever and West Nile virus are mosquito-borne infections. Health officials are still reminding citizens to protect against mosquito bites by draining pools of standing water and by keeping window screens in good condition.

Alonso said that officials plan to continue monitoring the mosquito population in the area, according to

The Palm Beach County Health Department said that anyone experiencing symptoms should visit their doctor, or in emergency cases, a hospital or clinic.