Katherine McPhee joins malaria fight

Singer and actress Katherine McPhee has become a spokesperson for Malaria No More, an organization that partners with various non-governmental organizations, corporations, charities and individuals in an effort to end malaria deaths.
While death due to malaria is at an all-time low, according to the World Health Organization's Malaria Report that came out in December, a lack of funding could reverse the progress. In 2010, 655,000 people still died from malaria, Look to the Stars reports.
“There remains a misconception about what [malaria] actually is and that it’s entirely preventable,” McPhee said, according to USA Today. “What the message needs to be is that we can get rid of this. A $10 donation for a mosquito net helps. It’s the simplest thing you can do. You can leave it up to MNM to ensure that the nets are really getting to the actual people in Africa.”
McPhee plans on taking her MNM awareness campaign to Africa in the coming year.
“Millions of bed nets will need replacement in the coming years, and the goal of universal access to diagnostic testing and effective treatment remains far from being realized.” Robert Newman, the director of the WHO’s Global Malaria Program, said, according to Look to the Stars. “We need to act with urgency and resolve to ensure that no one dies from malaria for lack of a $5 bed net, $1 anti-malarial drug and a 50-cent diagnostic test.”