MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Kenyan woman dies of suspected Ebola infection

A woman in Kenya recently died of a suspected Ebola infection as she was rushed to a hospital in a taxi.

Gladys Muthoni was bleeding profusely while in the taxi and pronounced dead on arrival by doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital, according to

Dr. J Masika Wafula, a consultant on infectious diseases, told reporters Muthoni was bleeding from her mouth, nose and ears, characteristic signs of Ebola or hemorrhagic fever infection.

“Basically this is someone who works in a hotel and was perfectly okay until roughly this morning when she suddenly developed bleeding from various parts of the body,” Wafula said, VOA News reports. “And this was an extensive bleed, and we believe this is the reason why she died.”

Medical teams spent hours trying to remove the woman from the taxi because of the fear of spreading a potentially highly contagious infection.

“We need to be very cautious and that is why we have isolated the three people who had accompanied her to the hospital including the deceased's father, a friend and the taxi driver,” Wafula said, reports.

Wafula could not say for certain whether or not the woman had contracted Ebola, but said that the hospital is treating the case as a grave risk to public health. He said that experts from the Kenya Medical Research Institute, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Ministry of Health have been called in to determine the cause of death and establish how to treat the isolated patients.

The last reported case of Ebola in East Africa occurred in May of this year in Uganda. After a 12-year-old girl died of the disease, Kenya imposed strict medical security measures across its borders.