CDC takes steps to fund Stop TB USA

The 30-year-old Stop TB USA, which has operated on a strictly volunteer basis with very minimal funding from the American Thoracic Society, may finally have found a source of funding.

The volunteer basis severely limited the scope of action that STU has been able to undertake.

At its meeting on December 4, the CDC’s Advisory Council for the Elimination Tuberculosis passed a resolution to recommend that STU be funded with $100,000 a year for the next five years. This would enable STU to hire an executive director and file for 501c3 status. The hope is that these steps would open up the possibility of funding from other sources and allow STU to grow beyond its current volunteer limitations.

STU was founded in 1992 as the National Coalition for Elimination of Tuberculosis. At that time, TB cases were increasing dramatically and there was a feeling that both government agencies and the healthcare community were failing in efforts to address this problem and offer effective treatment.

The purpose of STU is to serve as a focus of information regarding TB for healthcare providers and policy makers working on this issue. STU strives to educate the general public, particularly at risk populations, about the importance of a sustained effort to limit, if not eliminate, TB transmission in the United States.

While STU has been able to make significant accomplishments in areas of advocacy and education, particularly in light of the difficulties it has faced, members of STU are in danger of becoming disengaged due the lack of focus that a paid staff could provide. It is hoped that the CDC will move on the ACET resolution and fund STU in spite of its limited budget in the current political climate.