MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

NanoBio, Merck team up for RSV vaccine

The NanoBio Corporation announced a preclinical collaboration on Thursday with a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc., focusing on the development of a vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus.
The studies will evaluate the combination of NanoBio's NanoStat adjuvant technology with Merck's proprietary RSV antigen for use as an intranasal vaccine. Under the terms of the agreement, Merck has the option to negotiate a non-exclusive license to the NanoStat adjuvant for the development of a commercial RSV vaccine.
Preclinical studies conducted by NanoBio have demonstrated that a NanoStat adjuvanted RSV vaccine produced robust protective immunity without eliciting an enhanced respiratory disease that has led to the failure of other RSV vaccine candidates.
“We are very pleased to enter into this collaboration with Merck,” James R. Baker, Jr., NanoBio’s founder and CEO, said. “RSV remains a major cause of serious lung infections in children and the elderly. We look forward to working together in an effort to advance RSV vaccine research.”
RSV is a viral disease that is highly contagious. It is one of the most common causes of pneumonia and bronchiolitis. The virus is the number one cause of childhood hospitalization in the United States and throughout the world. Almost all children are infected with the virus at least once by the age of three years old. There are currently no approved vaccines for RSV.