SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Dengue fever expected to spike in Brazil

At least 50 Brazilian population centers are expected to experience severe outbreaks of dengue fever during that country’s summer months.

Brazilian Health Minister Alexandre Padhilla recently presented a paper that concluded that high temperatures and rainfall are expected to create a favorable environment for the mosquito that carries the dengue infection, according to

“We will need to work very hard in coming weeks because if nothing is done the tendency indicates we will have a major infection outbreak in the coming months”, Padhilla said, reports.

A total of 236 population centers in 16 of the country’s 26 states are thought to be at risk for outbreaks. Padhilla said that the chance of the disease spreading is high unless adequate controls are developed.

Jarbas Barbosa, the health ministry’s Vigilance Secretary, said that measures to combat the aedes aegypti mosquito are relatively simple and directly linked to public hygiene in the alerted cities.

“There’s not need to buy nothing at all nor have sophisticated technology. There are simple things that any family can implement such as preventing accumulation of garbage or rain fall,” Barbosa said, reports.

Brazilian health authorities recently reported that 310 people have died as a result of dengue fever since the beginning of the year, a 44 percent reduction compared to last year.