Three TB cases reported in San Antonio, Texas

Three cases of tuberculosis were recently identified in San Antonio, Texas, and public health authorities believe there may be at least one more.

The San Antonio Metro Health Department alerted the San Antonio Aids Foundation that two of their residents living in two separate facilities tested positive for the infection. Since then, the foundation has been working with public health officials to test all the residents, staff and clients that use the facilities, according to

Two of the three confirmed cases and one of the potential cases are from the SAAF facilities, but the third appears to be unrelated.

SAAF Executive Director Dave Ewell said that the infected patients have been moved from their original locations and the facility remains open to serve all the foundation’s clients, reports. Ewell also said that the meal program will be changed for the next few weeks as a precaution. Those using the meal services will be given their food to go rather than to eat at the facility.

TB is a contagious bacterial infection that is associated with the lungs, but may move throughout other organs in the body. The disease can be contracted from breathing in the air droplets from the coughs or sneezes of someone who is infected.

Symptoms of TB include coughing, fever, excessive sweating, fatigue and weight loss.