SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Iowa confirms second flu case of the season

The Iowa Department of Health has confirmed a second case of influenza in the state and is recommending that Iowa residents protect themselves by getting the flu vaccine.
The first case was found in a child from Polk County while the second one is still being investigated by the DOH. Both cases, however, were A strains of influenza, which can cause more serious illness, My ABC 5 reports.
"In the past couple days we have had two confirmed cases of influenza in Iowa," Patricia Quinlisk, the Iowa DOH epidemiologist, said, according to My ABC 5. "They are both A strains, which means they are the ones that typically cause more severe illness, more likely to give you pneumonia for example, more likely to put you in the hospital and more likely to kill you."
Quinlisk said that these two cases are just the beginning of many more to come.
"We have not seen the H1N1 that came a couple years ago and hit our children hard, but that one has been seen in the US and we do expect to see that one in Iowa some time during this flu season too," Quinlisk said, according to My ABC 5.
Health officials also recommend washing hands throughout the day, coughing into your arm if you are sick and staying home if you feel ill.