India holds vaccine symposium

A four day international symposium, held by India's Ministry of Science and Technology, will begin on Monday in New Delhi to discuss disease prevention and treatment through immunization.
The symposium, entitled "Vaccines – from Discovery to Translation," will include the participation of more than 100 experts as part of the ministry's new "Vaccine Grand Challenge Program," the Economic Times reports.
"The scientists at the meeting will deliberate the many-sided correlations among vaccines, medicine and society at the dawn of the third millennium," the ministry said, according to the Economic Times.
The experts at the symposium will identify research opportunities and scientific challenges associated with the development, production and distribution of vaccines and facilitate collaborations for each stage of vaccine development. Participants in the symposium will include vaccine research scientists, developers from the private and public sector and specialists or physicians in disciplines ranging from clinical microbiology to public health.
"It is expected that novel ideas will be developed and delivered, particularly against diseases where past research has not been successful that will improve our understanding of how vaccines can be designed," the ministry said, according to the Economic Times.
Other aspects that will be discussed include the development of new, improved or easy vaccination delivery methods, the development of novel vaccine related technologies, the understanding of immunobiology as it is related to potentially vaccine preventable diseases, immunity at the extremes of ages and innate immunity.