Cholera outbreak kills 81 in Somalia

Cholera recently claimed the lives of at least 81 women and children and left 670 hospitalized in two villages in south Somalia.

Doctors confirmed that hundreds of children were moved from their homes in Jilib and Hoomboy to a medical center located in Mareerey, according to

Malaria and cholera broke out in the southern portions of the country after the flooding of the Juba and Shabelle Rivers. Rivers have reportedly flooded in two more districts near the town of Jilib, destroying hundreds of homes.

Portions of Somalia continues to be in the grip of what is being called the worst famine in that part of the world in at least 60 years, both as the result of drought and many years of conflict.

The transitional government’s control is severely limited, spreading little beyond the capital, and much of the country remains in control of Islamic militants, the Shahab, who have forced out many Western aid organizations, according to the New York Times.

The United Nations said that at least a quarter of Somalia’s 9.9 million people are internally displaced or living outside of the country in refugee camps. The UN has declared a famine in five regions of the country.