TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

NanoLogix technology detects live TB in four days

NanoLogix, a company specializing in detecting live bacteria, recently announced that its BioNanoPore technology was confirmed to have detected live Mycobacterium tuberculosis in four days instead of the standard 21.

The NanoLogix BNP technology was tested by a third party, which confirmed the company’s findings that it was capable of testing for TB at a rate 500 percent faster than traditional culture detection.

"We are ecstatic over the third party four day TB test results," Bret Barnhizer, the CEO of NanoLogix, said. "Typically, physicians must wait at least 21 days to determine if a patient should be put on antibiotics for TB. With an annual death toll of well over one million from this devastating disease, providing definitive, viable determination of TB in four days is a true game-changer."

NanoLogix said its technology has other advantages over traditional methods, which it says are expensive, labor intensive and unable to determine whether or not a microbe found in a sample is living or dead. The company said that BNP technology could provide a significant advantage for detecting TB in developing regions where medical resources are scarce.

"By making the 'gold standard' method of culturing a faster process, our technology has the potential of providing the medical community with an extremely rapid, accurate, affordable and definitive culture-based TB test," Barnhizer said. "With NanoLogix, physicians will soon have the opportunity to detect live TB faster, administer antibiotics properly, and monitor the efficacy of antibiotics in a close to real-time mode. This will provide the opportunity to reduce the prevalence of TB infections around the world."