SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

Global Fund discovers more evidence of fraud

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria reported this week that 12 new probes had revealed an additional $20 million of mismanagement, alleged fraud and misspending.

The results, which stem from three fraud probes, eight audits and an internal review of travel involving $1 billion in grant money, follow other probes that found approximately $53 million in losses, reports.

Simon Bland, the fund's board chairman, told the Associated Press that approximately one-seventh of the $14 billion in grants the Global Fund disperses have been reviewed.

Bland added that the fund is demanding repayment of more than $22 billion in grants since its creation in 2002. Approximately $19 million in misspent or undocumented money has been recovered to date.

“We think the Global Fund standards of accounting are really high,” Bland said, according to the AP. “We will not tolerate misuse of our resources.”

Two new cases in Nigeria and India could also lead to criminal charges.

The probe found $22 million in unauthorized foreign currency exchanges by a non-for-profit center in Abuja, Nigeria, that diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars to non-fund accounts. At least $872,000 in India was found to have been misappropriated.

A third probe, reports, found $6.73 million in potential fraud and other losses in Mauritania, which has already paid back $4.2 million.