Nigeria the largest exporter of malaria

Luis Benavente, the director of Improving Malaria Diagnostics, said on Friday that Nigerians were the largest exporters of malaria because of the mobile nature of its citizens.
IMD is an organization supported by the United States Agency for International Development. Benavente spoke during a training session for laboratory scientists in Lagos, Next reports.
“Nigeria is the biggest exporter of malaria in the world and it can only be reduced if it is controlled in Nigeria,” Benavente said, according to Next.
Benavente said that studies had shown Nigerians were very entrepreneurial and travel to a lot of countries to transact business while carrying malaria parasites with them, disseminating the parasites wherever they go. He said that to control malaria in the world, it must first be controlled in Nigeria and the country must have competent laboratory technicians to diagnose the disease.
At the training session, Wellington Oyibo, a consultant parasitologist at the University of Lagos' College of Medicine, said that some clinical examinations misdiagnose every type of malaria fever, Next reports. He said that when most people experience feverish feelings, doctors automatically think it is malaria and treat it as such. Oyibo warned that the intake of malaria medication for every type of illness could make the body drug-resistant, making the illness very difficult to treat.
Oyibo stressed the need for microscopic diagnosis and for governments at all levels to provide funding for training of microscopists and to provide adequate microscopes in hospital laboratories. Approximately 25 laboratory scientists from six states of the federation participated in the training, which was sponsored by Malaria Action Program for States, UNILAG College of Medicine, the World Health Organization and the Kenya-based African Malaria Research Foundation.