Denton, Texas, high school cleared of TB

County health officials in the Dallas suburb of Denton, Texas, recently announced that follow-up chest x-rays on several students and staff showed no signs of active tuberculosis.

Approximately 270 people were tested for TB after a student was hospitalized with a suspected case of the disease. Chest x-rays were ordered for only five percent of those tested because skin tests showed evidence of exposure, according to

“It’s great news at this time that the TB situation has been isolated to this one suspected case,” district spokeswoman Sharon Cox said, reports.

School officials hope that the announcement will ease some of the anxiety felt in the community over the incident.

Health officials think that the student who tested positive may have contracted the illness as a student at nearby Ennis High School. He transferred into Denton High School this fall.

Students who were tested \ either shared classes or extracurricular activities with the sick student. Anyone with a positive skin reaction was immediately offered preventative medications.

The same day that skin tests were given at the high school, the county health department learned that a University of North Texas student was diagnosed with TB. The department later determined that 27 people were at risk of exposure and recommended that they take the test.

A UNT spokesman recently announced that none of those tested have shown any signs of active TB.