SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Tuberculosis infection reported at New York high school

Officials from Commack High School on Long Island, New York, recently confirmed that someone related to the school has tested positive for tuberculosis.

It remains unclear as to whether the infected person is a staff member or a student, but the local school district says that the unidentified person is currently receiving treatment and that there is no further risk of transmission, according to

“At this time, there is no danger of transmission because that individual has been taken out of the school setting so there is no chance of transmission at this time,” the Suffolk County Department of Health’s Dr. Shaheda Iftikhar said, reports.

The health department sent a letter to the parents of all the students and to each staff member and plans to hold meetings in the following few days at the high school in order to allay fears and answer questions, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The department is also offering to test anyone who fears that they may have come into contact with the infected.

TB is caused by an active infection transmitted through the air by someone with the active form of the disease. Symptoms include a severe cough, weight loss and night sweats.