SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

Pakistan dengue fever death toll reaches 207

The death toll from an outbreak of dengue fever centered in the Punjab region of Pakistan has reached 207.

The majority of new dengue fever cases reported in the Punjab, 150 out of 198, were located in the city of Lahore. In total, 15,500 cases of dengue have been reported since the outbreak began, according to

Over the last three weeks, the number of new cases reported every day in Punjab has fallen by 24 percent, leading some to believe that the worst of the outbreak might be over.

The Punjab Health Department recently announced that it has discharged 15,200 patients after treating them for dengue fever.

Pakistani Agriculture Secretary Narif Nadeem said that an insecticide spray campaign has proven effective in limiting the mosquito population in the area, reports. He said experts from the agriculture and health departments have been monitoring the population and searching for breeding areas.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that reform measures to help curb the outbreak will stay in effect until November 30. Additionally, Sharif said that he will chair a meeting in Lahore to review the effectiveness of current measures, according to

Sharif recently ordered town committee chairmen to develop strategies aimed at preventing future outbreaks.