Mumps outbreak reported at California university

Campus officials at the University of California - Berkeley recently announced an outbreak of mumps on campus.

Two cases of the illness have been confirmed and there is at least one more suspected. Associate Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services Ron Coley said that confirmed mumps cases have been identified and quarantined, but offered limited details, according to DailyCal.org.

Coley sent a campus-wide email announcing the outbreak that said that the campus health service is working closely with the California Department of Public Health to limit the scope of the outbreak.

The mumps is considered highly contagious and symptoms, such as fever, headache and swollen salivary glands, usually appear 16 to 18 days after infection.

Although those who have received the recommended two doses of the vaccine are at less risk for contracting the mumps, a third dose has been recommended by the campus health service. Students can receive the vaccine on campus free of charge, according to UHS.Berkeley.edu.

Although recent measles outbreaks have garnered more attention, there have been two significant recent mumps outbreaks in the last five years. In 2006, approximately 6,500 people contracted the illness in 45 states. In 2009, an outbreak in New York and New Jersey infected approximately 3,500.