Measles outbreak in New Zealand grows

There is currently little sign that a measles outbreak that began in Auckland, New Zealand, in May is being brought under control.

There were 24 new measles cases reported in the last week and 11 reported two weeks ago, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 203, according to

Public Health authorities said that three people were hospitalized with the infection over the weekend and that a total of 31 have been hospitalized since the beginning of the outbreak.

"I'm very concerned...if we see these sorts of numbers and even further increases over the next few weeks, then I'm sure the ministry would be thinking seriously about whether to declare it an epidemic," Dr. Richard Hoskings from Auckland Regional Public Health said, reports.

Hoskings said that he sees no sign of the outbreak abating and is warning people that the only sure way not to catch the illness is to get vaccinated. He said those that are unwell should stay away from work, school or public places to avoid spreading the contagion.

Ministry of Health Deputy Director Darren Hunt says there is no sign yet of any significant spread of the disease throughout the rest of the country. A case of the measles was confirmed recently in Wellington after a recent airplane passenger from Auckland fell ill, according to