Second dengue fever case reported in Miami-Dade County

Health officials recently disclosed the second locally acquired case of dengue fever this year in Miami-Dade County, warning the second case means that the disease is now endemic in the county.
The most recent case involves a 44-year-old man who showed symptoms of the disease in early September. The patient was previously infected 25 years ago but recovered without lasting effects, the Miami Herald reports.
While most dengue fever cases occur in people who have returned from traveling to infected areas, the two locally acquired cases were in people who had not recently travelled.
"It means it’s in our area, not an imported disease," Dr. Vincent Conte, the deputy director of epidemiology and disease control for the health department said, according to the Miami Herald. "[It is a] public health concern. But if we all take precautions — drain existing sources of [standing] water in the home, wear proper clothing and repellant — we can minimize the risk."
The previous case occurred in March and involved a patient who got sick from the disease without having travelled outside the county. He was hospitalized and later made a fully recovery. Conte said that the two cases were probably not connected.
“In September we received notice from a local lab of blood tests that were positive for dengue fever," Dr. Lillian Rivera, the director of the Miami-Dade Health Department, said, according to the Miami Herald. "We found the patient had many of its symptoms — high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes. He was in a local hospital for several days.”