All students at Ennis, Texas, high school to be TB tested

After more than 100 people tested positive for tuberculosis at Ennis High School, all of the students at the Ennis, Texas, school will be tested for exposure to the disease.
More than 800 students, staff members and anyone who has been in close contact with them has received tests after a teacher was diagnosed with the bacterial infection before the start of school, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports. The school district announced on Thursday that the faculty and students who have not been tested will get free screenings starting on Monday.
After parents voiced concern at a Wednesday meeting that all students should get tested, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services reached out to the Dallas County Health and Human Services for help. Parents were also worried that the infection could spread between players from different schools at an athletic event.
Susan Kent, a nurse supervisor for the Dallas County Tuberculosis Elimination Division, said that there is "no chance" of that happening.
"It is an airborne infection," Kent said, according to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. "It is not spread by body fluids. You have got to spend prolonged periods of time in a closed environment with someone who is coughing and spewing out those germs."
Kent also said that those who have tested positive on a skin test but have not tested positive for an active case of the disease are not contagious. Positive skin tests indicate that a person has been exposed to TB, but they do not mean that the person has the infection. Those who receive positive skin tests receive a chest X-ray. If the chest X-ray shows abnormalities on the lungs, further tests are required to determine if the case is active.