Cholera rates dropping in Haiti

A U.S.-based health group recently announced that it has seen a precipitous drop in the number of people seeking treatment for cholera in Haiti.

Partners in Health said that the number of hospitalizations has fallen by 57 percent from July to August at its 15 Haitian cholera treatment centers. The drop leaves the level of cholera closer to the caseload doctors were seeing before the onset of the spring rainy season, according to

Nonetheless, Partners in Health remains concerned about the overall caseload. There were 5,400 hospitalizations during the month of August and the group said that this is a reminder that cholera will remain in Haiti for some time to come.

Cholera has been responsible for the deaths of more than 6,200 people and approximately 440,000 others have fallen ill during the current outbreak, according to Haiti’s Health Ministry.

United Nations peacekeepers from Nepal were = blamed for starting the cholera epidemic last year. The revelation has helped to fuel anti-U.N. sentiment, resulting in a series of protests in the capital of Port-au-Prince, according to the BBC.

The World Health Organization recently announced that global rates of cholera have increased for the first time since 2000, with the Haitian outbreak tipping the burden away from Africa for the first time since 1995, according to CIDRAP News.