Dengue fever ravaging Pakistan

According to health officials in Pakistan, over 4,000 cases of dengue fever have been reported in the county in the last two months and at least eight people have died.
Officials say that the illness is thriving due to poor hygiene, an absence of control measures and because of recent heavy monsoon rainfall that has lowered temperatures and provided lots of water – perfect conditions for dengue-carrying mosquitoes, the BBC reports.
Jehanzeb Khan, the Punjab health secretary, said that the amount of cases reported is a significant increase over previous years and that more than 3,500 infected people live in the city of Lahore.
"(Lahore is) a large city with poor public hygiene," Dr. Javed Akram, the head of the city's Jinnah Hospital, said, according to the BBC. "We have also had heavy rain for the second year running. In many areas the sewerage system was choked, creating water ponds. The city also has vast open spaces and public parks where water has accumulated."
Akram said that the spread of the disease to other parts of the Punjab province is a result of the government's failure to announce and enforce travel restrictions and a failure to quarantine affected people. The government has already banned morning assemblies in schools for two months to prevent child exposure to mosquito bites and is considering a 10 day closure of schools.
A team of doctors from Sri Lanka is expected to arrive in Lahore today to help fight the epidemic.