Milwaukee braces for measles outbreak

A Milwaukee child confirmed to have the measles was recently released from the hospital as Minnesota public health officials brace for a possible outbreak of the highly infectious disease in the coming weeks.

When the timeframe of when the child was contagious but not hospitalized is taken into account, officials believe new cases could emerge between now and September 23 or 24, according to

It is possible that the child, while contagious, could have come into contact with others who were not vaccinated with the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella. The child visited at least two hospital emergency rooms during this time.

Those who have not been vaccinated are being urged to visit community clinics that will be held over the following two weekends. Turnout was low at the two clinics that have already been held, according to health department spokeswoman Raquel Filmanowicz, reports.

Milwaukee vaccination rates for school age children are considered low, standing at approximately 80 percent. The rate is lower, about 50 percent, for children aged one to three.

Few details have been released about the confirmed case as an investigation continues into whom the child might have exposed to the disease. The child has been described as a recent refugee who was not contagious when his or her family arrived in the city by plane.

"The (health department) strongly urges parents and caregivers to get their children up to date with required immunizations in the coming weeks," officials said, reports.