Skin prick flu shot set to debut

The first flu shot to use a skin prick with a tiny needle as opposed to an inch-long injection will hit the market in time for the upcoming flu season.

The option is for adults only and will be difficult to find because there will only be a limited number in distribution. Less than a million doses will be sold this season as the new method is introduced to doctors, according to

There are a wide variety of types of flu vaccines on the market ready for the new flu season. In addition to the standard, there is now a high-dose shot for seniors and an intranasal option. It is estimated that 166 million doses of vaccine will be produced this year.

Typically, every year’s flu vaccine differs from the year before as different strains from the disease emerge and become more prevalent. This year’s vaccine is a duplicate because last year’s strains are thought to be still in circulation.

Federal health officials and the Academy of American Pediatrics looked at the evidence and are warning people that, though this year’s vaccine is the same as last year’s, it should not be skipped.

"You're not going to be able to count on that vaccine protecting you throughout a second season," Dr. Lisa Grohskopf of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, reports.

Annual vaccinations are recommended for everyone except those under the age of six months and those with severe allergies to the eggs used in its production. Last year, 41 percent of adults received the inoculation.