Cholera outbreak slams Nigeria

Nigerian public health officials have reported that 46 people have died from cholera-related symptoms in the northern part of the country over the last month.

Officials said that hundreds of cases of cholera have been reported since June, according to the Washington Post.

Fatsuma Talba, the Yobe state health chief, recently said that 33 people died from cholera in the northeastern state, while community health officer Aishatu Yahaya said another 11 died in Nasarawa, a north-central state.

Two children reportedly died from the diarrheal illness over the weekend in Sokoto, according to Abdullahi Maigwandu, that state’s health chief, the Washington Post reports.

International health officials said that they believe an outbreak last year in Nigeria was responsible the deaths of over 1,500 people and that it spread to neighboring countries. The United Nations said that a total of 40,000 people were infected during the outbreak and that it was the country’s worst in a least a decade, according to the Guardian.

Dr. Jide Idris, the Lagos State Commissioner for Health, recently announced that more public toilets would be constructed and better drainage systems would be put in place in his state in order to stem the risk of another outbreak, according to

"The rains are yet to cease so it is very important to cultivate hygienic behavior so as to prevent the floods from washing manure, waste and feces into water sources," Idris said, reports.