Minnesota's second measles outbreak grows

A woman from Dakota County, Minnesota, recently became the third case in the state's second measles outbreak this year.

The Minnesota Department of Health revealed that the 43-year-old woman was most likely exposed to the illness in a healthcare environment, according to She was not further identified, but department spokesman Doug Schultz said the woman was not hospitalized.

The two other cases in the outbreak, reported last week, involved young children who were not vaccinated. According to Schultz, one of the children remains in critical condition in a hospital. The other child was treated and later released.

Investigators tracked down the third case while searching for those who may have been exposed to the two infected children. The woman was not hospitalized and it is unknown whether or not she was vaccinated.

The latest outbreak occurred when a 12-month-old child fell ill after a trip to Kenya, where the measles remains widespread. Investigators acknowledge that the second child became sick after a visit to the victims family, according to

The Health Department has asked that clinics be on the lookout for any new potential cases.

Earlier in the year, Minnesota was hit by a measles outbreak that resulted in 23 cases in three months. It was the largest outbreak recorded in the country this year. The outbreak was similarly linked to a child infected in Kenya.