Canadian woman in custody over TB treatments

A Manitoba woman is currently being held in custody by police for her failure to continue with tuberculosis treatment.

The 30-year-old woman, originally from Winnipeg, is being detained under a rare section of the Public Health Act because she has the infectious form of the disease and has stopped treatment several times in the past, according to

Public Health Officials obtained a rare court order to keep her contained in a Manitoba jail. They say she is placing the public at risk by not properly attending to her condition. In addition, they say the woman admits to having worked in the sex trade.

Officials obtained a 90 day order in April, which was extended this week.

"I am concerned that without proper treatment, (she) may eventually develop drug-resistant tuberculosis that is difficult or impossible to treat," Dr. William Libich of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority wrote in an affidavit, according to

The woman was diagnosed with TB in December and placed on a six to nine month treatment plan. According to the Winnipeg Health Authority’s affidavit, the woman has stopped treatment five times, putting pressure on the authorities to search for her so that she could start the process over and over again.