Dengue fever cases overwhelming Bahamian hospitals

As the number of confirmed cases of dengue fever climbs in the Bahamas, Nassau’s private health facilities have been swamped with suspected cases.

Charles Sealy, the CEO of Doctor’s Hospital, recently denied reports that the hospital had run out of beds for new patients. Sealy said, however, that the facility’s emergency room had received a major influx of people with dengue-like symptoms, according to

The hospital staff is reportedly struggling with the overwhelming number of suspected cases and there are unconfirmed reports that the hospital, contrary to Sealy’s statement, is at maximum capacity.

"We've had a good amount of persons come through - certainly our emergency room - a lot related to potential dengue fever cases,” Sealy said, reports. "We are not closed, we're able to collect patients."

Meanwhile, both wholesale and pharmaceutical distributors in the area are noting a significant increase in the sale of pesticides and insect repellents since last week.

Nassau Agencies Limited, a pharmaceutical wholesaler, said that much of their increase in demand has come from consumers, as opposed to wholesalers, leading the store to restock twice in the same week.

“We got (this week's) shipment on Saturday and by Tuesday they were gone,” Catherine Collie, the manager of Lowe’s Pharmacy, said, reports. “It's usually about seven different products that we order, we get a case each and there are 12 in a case. There has been a high demand since last week."

This week, the number of confirmed cases of dengue fever in the region rose to 90.