Mozambique trumpets success of measles vaccination campaign

The Health Ministry of Mozambique is touting the success of its national vaccination campaign to fight measles.

The campaign, held in the last week of May, was meant to vaccinate 3.6 million children between the ages of one and five years, reports. In addition, children were also given vitamin A supplements and deworming using the drug Mebendazole.

Leonardo Chavane, the Deputy National Director of Public Health, announced on Wednesday that 10 percent more children - or 3,974,977 children total - were vaccinated during the course of the event.

Even the northern province of Nampula, Chavane told, exceeded its vaccination targets despite starting one week later than the rest of the country.

"Nampula had better results than in previous years", Chavane said, according to "We decided to postpone the start of the campaign in order to organize ourselves better, and instead of the 742,888 children envisaged, 800,612 were vaccinated."

The campaign did meet some resistance, especially in Monica province, where Johan Marangue church followers refused to allow their children to be vaccinated.

"There has been ever greater participation in vaccination campaigns," Chavane said, reports. "The communities now accept vaccination as a priority question. We did not have any significant cases of resistance, except in the Johan Marangue community which prevented their believers from taking part.

"We are working to have more people vaccinated, particularly in Manica, where there is still some resistance for religious reasons."