SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

GeoVax Labs opens L.A. site for HIV/AIDS vaccine trials

GeoVax Labs, Inc., recently announced that it has opened a new site in Los Angeles to conduct a trial of a potential HIV/AIDS vaccine.

The Los Angeles-based AIDS Research Alliance, the nation’s only independent, nonprofit HIV/AIDS research center, will collaborate with the AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta and the Alabama Vaccine Research Clinic at the University of Alabama - Birmingham, to test the therapeutic potential of GeoVax’s new treatment.

The upcoming clinical trial will be the first to test the safety, immunogenicity and ability of the GeoVax vaccine to control viral replication on HIV-infected human subjects. Studies conducted with non-human primates have already demonstrated the vaccine’s ability to control viral replication without the use of anti-viral drugs.

"We are excited to expand our therapeutic trial team to include the AIDS Research Alliance," Mark Newman, GeoVax’s vice president of research and development, said. "They are a group with a mission that parallels that of GeoVax, developing a vaccine to prevent infection by HIV and developing better treatments for those who become infected."

Those wishing to volunteer for the study must have begun antiretroviral therapy within 18 months of a negative HIV antibody test. They must also continue with stable antiretroviral therapy for six months before receiving their first vaccine dose.