NanoBio begins Phase Ib testing of intranasal influenza vaccine adjuvant

The NanoBio Corporation recently announced that it has begun Phase Ib testing to further optimize its novel nanoemulsion-based intranasal vaccine adjuvant, to be used in combination with the commercial influenza vaccine Fluzone.

The intranasal vaccine was well tolerated in a Phase Ia study of 199 healthy adults, eliciting both mucosal and systemic immune responses after a single dropper administration. The Phase Ib study will likewise test the combination’s tolerability and immunogenicity

In the study, the nanoemulsion adjuvant will again be combined with Fluzone and delivered through both a sprayer device and a dropper. The sprayer will contain two different volumes of the vaccine. The tests will examine mucosal, systemic, humoral and cellular-mediated immune responses in all of the subjects.

“We were pleased with the safety outcome and adjuvant effect of our novel NanoStat technology observed in our previous first-in-man clinical trial,” Ali I. Fatom, the senior vice president of vaccine research and development, said. “Data generated in the current study will be important for the advancement of the nanoemulsion adjuvant for NanoBio’s flu vaccine as well as vaccines we are developing for RSV, UTI and several other diseases.”

NanoBio’s nanoemulsion-based intranasal vaccines have elicited successful immune responses in animals vaccinated against a variety of illnesses, including influenza, hepatitis B, RSV, HIV, pneumococcus, anthrax and smallpox.