Boston reports four new measles cases

Four new measles cases found in the Boston area since May 12 bring the total number of cases found this month to 10, and 15 total cases for the year.

The Boston Public Health Commission confirmed that a Northeastern University student was infected with measles last week. Two measles cases were found among elementary school students in Brookline, a Boston suburb, according to

The two elementary school students are related and neither had been vaccinated for religious reasons, Alan Balsam, the Brookline public health director, told One of the children was hospitalized and the other developed a milder case. Both are still out of school.

Public health officials do not believe that this month’s cases are linked, unlike the cluster of cases found in February connected to a man living in the Back Bay area.

“Seeing measles in Brookline is relatively rare," Balsam said, according to Balsam added that the area can go several years without any known cases.

A clinic was set up at the school to immunize staff members. Approximately 20 to 25 teachers and other faculty members were vaccinated.

Speculation among some public health officials points to Europe as a possible source for the uptick in measles cases. France in particular has experienced large outbreaks in recent years, probably due in part to low vaccination rates.