Gates says 10 million deaths can be prevented by 2020

During his Tuesday keynote speech at the World Health Organization’s annual meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, Microsoft founder Bill Gates called on governments to boost their investments in immunization and vaccines.

Gates said that if these investments can be improved upon, it could save up to 10 million lives by the year 2020. In addition, Gates urged pharmaceutical companies to ensure vaccines are affordable, reports.

“You must make vaccines a central focus of your health systems, to ensure that all your children have access to existing vaccines now, and to new ones as they become available,” Gates said, according to

Gates also advised donor countries to increase their contributions.

“If donors are generous, we will prevent four million deaths by 2015. By 2020, we can prevent 10 million deaths,” Gates said, reports.

Gates labeled the upcoming decade as a “decade of vaccines” that could include the eradication of polio, as well as the introduction of five or six new vaccines to all countries in need at prices they can afford.

“We can make this the decade in which we take full advantage of the technology of vaccines,” Gates said, according to, “When we do it, we will build an entirely new future based on the understanding that global health is the cornerstone of global prosperity. It might be the most difficult thing we’ve ever done, but it will also be the most important.”