Sixth Mass. measles cases this month confirmed

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health recently confirmed another case of measles, bringing the total number of confirmed cases for the year to 11, including six confirmed this month alone.

The Boston Health Commission warned residents who have not been vaccinated to monitor themselves for the onset of measles symptoms. The symptoms include a high fever, runny nose, a cough, and red, watery eyes followed by a skin rash, according to

The six cases reported so far in May appear to be unrelated. They also seem to be unconnected to a February outbreak in a Boston area office building. Public health officials administered free vaccinations to anyone living or working in that area during the incident in an effort to halt the contagion’s spread.

Many young people generally have some immunity to the measles due to previous vaccinations, but older adults and those not current on their immunizations could still catch the highly contagious virus.

Public health officials are urging anyone who has had contact with a measles sufferer to take precautions, reports. They recommend seeing a doctor immediately if symptoms of malaise and a cough appear. The rash, the telltale sign of the measles, does not usually appear until several days after infection.