TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

Five more measles cases reported in Boston

Five new cases of the measles were recently announced in Boston by the Boston Health Commission.

One of the new cases is a resident of the area, while the other four visited the city while contagious. The area resident, described as an employee at South Station, was working while contagious. The cases are thought to be unrelated, according to Boston.com.

"We're still trying to see if there's any link, but we have nothing at this point to connect them," commission spokeswoman Ann Scales said, according to Boston.com.

The cases also appear unrelated to a February outbreak of the disease that occurred in the Back Bay area and was linked to a single Park Square office building. Public health officials administered free vaccinations to anyone living or working in that area during the incident in an effort to halt the contagion’s spread.

Many young people have some immunity to the measles due to previous vaccinations, but older adults and those not current on their immunizations could still catch the highly contagious virus.

Public health officials are urging anyone who has had contact with a measles sufferer to take precautions. They recommend seeing a doctor immediately if symptoms of malaise and a cough appear. A rash, the telltale sign of the measles, does not usually appear until several days after infection.