TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

ExxonMobil Foundations awards $10 million to fight malaria

The ExxonMobil Foundation announced on Monday that it is awarding grants for 2011 aimed at making further advances to combat malaria and raise awareness of the disease.

The grants, totaling $10 million, will be distributed among 24 different projects in Africa and Asia, according to Finance.Yahoo.com.

Malaria is a serious problem in Africa, where one in every five childhood deaths is due to the effects of the disease, according to the World Health Organization.

Since 2000, ExxonMobil and the ExxonMobil Foundation have contributed more than $100 million to the fight against malaria, Finance.Yahoo.com reports. This funding has helped with efforts to distribute bed nets, develop anti-malaria medication and provide early treatment and prevention programs, which have aided 40 million people, mostly in Africa.

“We are committed to continue doing our part to fight this disease and believe these additional grants will save the lives of even more people in the years to come,” Suzanne McCarron, president of the ExxonMobil Foundation, said, according to Finance.Yahoo.com.

Some of the recipients of the grants include the Harvard School of Public Health, the World Health Organization, Africare and the President’s Malaria Initiative.

The new grants will be featured at the opening of the “Champions to End Malaria” photo exhibition at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, which is being held from April 25 through May 22.