Compass Biotechnologies developing heat-stable hepatitis B vaccine

Compass Biotechnologies is set to acquire a worldwide exclusive license with U.K. firm Arecor for its Arestat stabilization technology in an effort to develop a heat-stable hepatitis B vaccine.

By creating the vaccine with the stabilization technology, it will be storable at room temperature. Compass’ C-Pharma subsidiary, which is focused on the development of hepatitis products, will develop the vaccine, GenEgNews.com reports. The firm will also look at the possibility of developing heat-stable formulations of other products.

Compass said that studies with the Arestat-formulated heptatis B vaccine have demonstrated retention of more than 70 percent potency when stored at 37 degrees Celsius and that it is just as effective after 12 months of storage at that temperature as it is after storage at refrigeration temperatures. The firm said that a commercially available hepatitis B vaccine had lost its effectiveness completely when it was stored at 37 degrees Celsius, demonstrating a 100-fold drop in antihepatitis B titer.

Arestat is a set of formulation tools that address the principal pathways of degradation that can lead to the loss of a biological activity and structural activity. The three resulting technologies use EMEA- and FDA-approved excipients and buffers to achieve desired stability, according to GenEgNews.com.

Arecor said that Arestat can be readily incorporated into standard manufacturing practices without covalent modification of the biological by using routes of delivery approved excipients.