SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

Cambodian cholera outbreak infects more than 3,000

An outbreak of cholera in the south and western regions of Cameroon has infected over 3,000 people and has killed 150 individuals since March with no signs of stopping.

In Mfoundi, the most affected district of the country, there were 500 new infections and 46 deaths reported in the last week, Top News reports. Yaounde, the capital city, has recorded over 1,500 cases.

Baro Famari, the Cameroon country director at Plan International, a charitable organization, said that the government’s assistance was desperately needed to prevent the scenario from matching the situation in Haiti. At its apex, the Haiti outbreak led to 300 people dying every day as a result of the water-borne bacterial infection.

Famari said that Cameroon did not have access to clean water and public toilets and that the locals do not understand the proper hygiene preventions against cholera.

"Public awareness raising on health and hygiene practice through trained volunteers will soon commence,” Famari said, according to Top News. "We'll also carry out disinfection of latrines and public water points, as well as supporting the referral and treatment of cases".

The government estimates that the disease could take anywhere from four to six months to get under control and that in that time it could spread to neighboring countries.