MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

Utah measles outbreak rises to nine

Since the measles outbreak started nearly two weeks ago, health officials in Salt Lake City, Utah, announced on Tuesday that there are now nine confirmed cases of measles.

The outbreak has been contained to the Salt Lake County, according to authorities, reports. The origin of the outbreak is being linked to a Utah family that recently vacationed in Poland to pick up their missionary daughter.

Affecting mostly children, measles has become a major concern among schools during the outbreak.

A case confirmed late last week involved a student who had received immunizations. Health department officials, however, would not comment on the immunization status of the latest three cases due to federal privacy laws, reports.

The Salt Lake Valley Health Department has reported that 98 percent of school-age children in Salt Lake County are properly vaccinated for the highly contagious viral disease.

"We are relieved there are no additional schools involved," Nicholas Rupp, a spokesman for The Salt Lake Valley Health Department, said, according to

The first of the confirmed measles case was reported on April 8. This case also marked the first time a person infected with measles was reported in the past six years for the entire state, reports.