Measles alert issued in New Jersey

Two young adults from France were treated at St. Claire’s emergency room in Denville, New Jersey, for cases of the measles, leading state and local officials to issue a measles alert.

The two young adults are related and traveled together from France, arriving at Newark Liberty International Airport on April 7. Three days later they developed a rash and went to St. Clare’s, the Daily Record reports.

The two young people were not kept at the hospital. Dr. Donald Allegra, an infectious disease doctor at St. Clare’s has been monitoring their recovery. The young adults are staying in Morris County with friends.

The Department of Health and Senior Services and the Morris County Public Health Department have been contacting people who may have been in contact with the infected individuals, according to the Daily Record. St. Clare’s has already contacted anybody who might have been exposed to the measles at the emergency room. In addition, the federal government is contacting anyone who might have been on the same plane into Newark Liberty.

Measles, which is transmitted through the air by respiratory droplets, has an incubation period between seven and 18 days. Neither of the two infected men had been vaccinated for measles.

There have been 691 cases of measles in the United States over the past decade. Eighty-seven percent of the infections were imported from another country, according to the Centers for Disease Control.