FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018

Sixth measles case reported in Salt Lake City

A sixth Granite School District student has tested positive for the measles in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Salt Lake Valley Health Department has announced.

The department had previously reported five cases and one possible case that turned out to not be the measles, reports. This sixth case is a new case, spokeswoman Pam Davenport said.

This newest case was in a vaccinated child, though Davenport did not that no vaccine is 100 percent effect. Because the child had been vaccinated, however, he or she had been attending school. As a result, the health department's epidemiology staff is currently tracking down the student's contacts.

All six of the confirmed measles cases are no longer considered infections and none of those afflicted is currently under voluntary isolation orders, according to

The outbreak has recently been traced to a Holladay, Utah, family that traveled to Poland to retrieve their daughter, who was working as a missionary there.

The unimmunized siblings carried the virus to students at Olympus High School and Evergreen Junior High.

In Utah, children must show current immunization records to attend public school, although parents may seek exemptions for philosophical and religious reasons or if a licensed physician determines that a specific vaccine would endanger a student's life or health.

A total of 2.8 percent of all school-age children in Utah were exempted from the measles vaccine in 2010, up from two percent in 2006, reports.