Xcellerex announces it is developing yellow fever vaccine

Xcellerex, Inc., has announced that it is one step closer to developing an innovative vaccine for yellow fever.

The life sciences tool company announced recently that its yellow fever vaccine yielded positive results during a phase 1 study, BizJournals.com reports.

The April 7 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine published the result of the study that showed the potential vaccine induced neutralizing antibodies in 100 percent of subjects receiving a high does and 88 percent receiving a low dose, the company said, according to BizJournals.com

The current  approved yellow fever vaccine, 17D, was developed by scientists at the Rockefeller Foundation in New York in 1936.

Some of the advantages Xcellerex executives claim their potential vaccine has over 17D is that it will be a safer alternative with fewer side effects. Current side effects for 17 D include minor headaches, mylagia, fever and muscle pain.

According to the World Health Organization, yellow fever is endemic in 33 countries in Africa and 11 countries in South America, where there are an estimated 200,000 cases and 30,000 related deaths per year.   

With the positive announcement of the initial study, Xcellerex officials hope this will aid them in their quest to find a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company to partner with to further develop the vaccine candidate.