TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

More than 100 in N.Y. exposed to TB

More than 100 people at the Gates, New York-based Generations Child Care Center may have been exposed to tuberculosis, requiring children, elders and staff members to be tested for the contagious disease.

An adult who had come into contact with the facility was diagnosed with an active form of the disease, the Penfield Post reports. Around 100 children, 20 staff members and 10 elders will need to receive a tuberculin skin test to determine if they have been infected.

Children under the age of four will need to receive prevention medicines for two to three months and a chest x-ray. They must then receive a second skin test to determine infection.

John Ricci of the Monroe County Department of Health told the Penfield post that he did not know how long the person with tuberculosis had been infected and that the Gates location was the only Generations location affected.

“The person with tuberculosis is no longer on the premises,” Ricci said, according to the Penfield Post. “All those at risk for the illness have been alerted. Other tenants who live in the building are not at risk for the disease. In order to contract tuberculosis you have to have a fairly prolong exposure to someone with tuberculosis, not just a casual exposure.”

Tuberculosis is occasionally fatal and is caused by a bacterium that is spread by coughing. There are 10 to 15 cases of the disease in Monroe County reported each year.