H1N1 cases in Venezuela double

Health officials in Venezuela say that the confirmed number of swine flu cases in the country has risen to over 400, more than doubling the number of cases reported by the country on Friday.

Eugenia Sadler, Venezuela’s health minister, said that 415 people have been diagnosed with cases of swine flu in 19 of the country’s 24 states, including Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, according to The Star.

During a news conference Sadler held on Monday, she said that officials are running tests on 300 other people who have H1N1-like symptoms. On Friday, 202 cases of H1N1 had been reported.

Since the initial spate of swine flu cases were confirmed on March 17, there have been two reported deaths. As of that report, only 12 people had officially been confirmed with the virus. As of last week, all of the patients being treated had “light cases,” with none of them requiring an intensive care unit, the Associated Press reports.

While speaking on state television, Sadler warned viewers that they should stay at home if they start developing flu-like symptoms. Approximately half of the diagnosed cases have been based in the state of Merida, Nasdaq reports.

In 2009, health officials in Venezuela attributed dozens of deaths to swine flu.