Minnesota sees another measles case confirmed

There has been another case of measles confirmed in Hennepin County, Minnesota, bringing the total number of cases in the current outbreak to 13.

No deaths have been reported during the outbreak, but eight people have been hospitalized so far, according to Minnesota.PublicRadio.org.

The cases have ranged in age from four months to 34-years-old. Five of the individuals were too young to have been administered the vaccine and six of those who were of age had not been vaccinated. The vaccine status for two of the cases remains unknown.

Officials from the Minnesota Department of Public Health said that the outbreak began shortly after the return of a Somali child from Kenya, Minnesota.PublicRadio.org reports. After arriving in the United States, he soon developed the disease.

Officials from the Health Department are urging those living in Hennepin County to get vaccinated immediately. Officials are particularly concerned about those living in the Somali community, where the outbreak began.

Children can receive the MMR vaccine once they turn one-year-old. A second dose is usually given by the time a child reaches pre-school age. The Health Department has said those living in affected areas could delay the second dose by only four weeks.

Hennepin County officials are holding vaccination clinics, but they report low attendance.