Anacor enters agreement to develop malaria treatment

Anacor Pharmaceuticals announced on March 17 that it will enter into an agreement with Medicines for Malaria Venture to develop the company’s AN3661 compound for the treatment of malaria.

The two companies have worked together to develop AN3661 since April 2010 in an effort to find a new way to treat malaria using Anacor’s boron chemistry, according to

“We are pleased with the productivity of our collaboration with MMV thus far and with the extraordinary promise of AN3661,” David Perry, chief executive officer of Anacor, said, according to “We hope that the combination of our boron chemistry platform and research capabilities and MMV’s funding and disease expertise will enable us to develop AN3661 into a new therapeutic to treat malaria – a disease that causes the death of up to one million people a year."

Under the terms of the agreement, Anacor and MMV will collaborate to develop AN3661 through human proof-of-concept studies. It will be the first candidate from the mutual research to reach preclinical development.

“MMV is delighted to be collaborating with Anacor on the development of AN3661, and hope that our joint efforts will take this exciting compound into human studies as quickly as possible,” Tim Wells, chief scientific officer of MMV, said. “The malaria parasite is already showing signs of resistance to current medicines, and we urgently need to fill the malaria medicine chest with new medicines to treat the millions affected by this disease,.

“We look forward to working closely with Anacor, putting this compound through the rigors of preclinical studies to develop a new and effective next generation antimalarial.”