SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

Second Miami dengue fever case confirmed

A second locally acquired case of dengue fever has been confirmed in Miami-Dade County by the county’s Health Department.

Like the first victim, NBC Miami reports, the second victim has fully recovered from the symptoms of the disease.

The first locally acquired dengue case in the county was reported in November. The illness includes flu-like symptoms that are spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes common in urban areas in the Caribbean and the United States, NBC Miami reports.

The disease is caused by one of four related viruses. As of yet, there are no vaccines to prevent infection. The most effective methods of protection are those like nets and insecticide that avoid mosquito bites. A severe form of dengue, called dengue hemorrhagic fever, can be fatal if not properly treated in a timely manner.

Symptoms of dengue include severe headache, high fever, joint paint and severe pain behind the eyes. DHF can last from two to seven days and can include persistent vomiting, difficulty breathing and severe abdominal pain. If untreated, DHF can lead to circulatory system failure, shock and death.

Over a third of the world’s population is at risk for transmission of dengue, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are over 100 million cases of dengue reported each year. The disease rarely occurs within the continental United States.

Dengue is endemic in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Puerto Rico with periodic outbreaks in Guam and Samoa.